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Lesson plans

Classroom Codes

1st: 5hudqa

2nd: sopr5g

3rd: yugksz5

4th: hkyq8jj

5th: n89r29l

6th: jmleqz

Remind Codes

1st:  jbanks01

2nd: jbanks02

3rd:  jbanks03

4th:  jbanks04

5th:  jbanks05

6th:  jbanks06

Jeffery Banks





Comprehending Content!!


***READ = ALL content from start to end of lesson, everything word for word in the lesson. READ***

“”This will INTRODUCE you to the content and material””


TITLE/SUBTITLES = Circle and ??? (place 3 question marks) next to the titles/subtitles on each page and each section. (This is the overall goal or main concept that you want to be able to answer when you leave off this page)


SUBTITLE ANSWERS = find the extended answer response sentences in content of paragraph, highlight these sentences & draw an arrow ----------> from the subtitle to the extended answer response (This will connect the question to answer)


VOCAB TERM = underline & circle the textbook highlighted vocab term and then you are to highlight the definition sentence or sentences in the content section.


UNKNOWN WORDS= place a quotation mark around the “unknown word” , then place a wavy line under the unknown term and then highlight the meaning of the unknown word and place a wavy line under the meaning of the unknown word in the content (If you do not see the unknown word in the packet you must LOOK IT UP in other sources or internet.)


EVIDENCE/SUPPORTING POINTS = place a square/box block around the describing points, facts or evidence for each content section that helps support/explain the section.

Late Work

Late work is not accepted under any circumstances. All work must be turned in by the date specified in order to receive credit.

Missed Work

If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to ask about missed assignments. Tests and quizzes must be scheduled the day the student returns to class.

Cell Phones

While in my classroom, all cell phones must be turned off or put in silent mode. Cell phones must be placed inside a bag or binder and placed in a shelf. At no time during class should a student use their cell phone. If a student fails to follow these direct instructions, a parent/guardian will be contacted.