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Lesson Plans

Periods 4,6

Periods 1,3


1.) Escambia County School District website (

2.) "Core App Dashboard"

3.) Students sign-in with Google log-in

3.) Find the "DOUGLAS MCCALL" [red] App

4.) Click the App to be Directed to Your Online Textbook 


Sarah Craig

WELCOME! I am so excited to be back and get to see you all! Some I get to say "hello" to AGAIN, and others I get to meet for the very first time. Either way I am so excited for this new journey, new way of learning, and new year! Please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions. Welcome aboard!


CIVICS CLASSES ONLY: Read the article in Google Classroom called "Labor Day." Using the PEEL format, and the article for support, tell WHAT DOES LABOR DAY MEAN? This is due upon returning TUESDAY, SEPT. 8!


Random "Notebook" tests will be done weekly! These will be open notes to make sure you are taking notes but will not be announced.


*Every Friday (and on the rare occasion, Monday) there will be a "Probe" test from the district. This test is like a "chapter"  assessment.


Starting Tuesday, Sept. 8 I will begin random chromebook checks. This will be considered a "participation" grade. If a student does not have his/her chromebook, he/she will receive a zero for participation that day. It is imperative that all students have these daily. 



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8/17/18 3:13 PM
8/17/18 3:13 PM