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2nd Period-7th Grade Math

4th Period-Stem/Research

5th Period-8th Grade Learning Strategies

6th Period-7th Grade Learning Strategies

7th Period-6th Grade Learning Strategies

Lacie Gindl

 “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself” 

Contact Information


Planning: 3rd Period 10:46-11:36

EWMS School Number: 850-761-6301

1. Traditional students should arrive to class on time, prepared and ready to work. Remote students should be logged in to the Google Classroom & Google Meet on time, prepared, and ready to work.

2. Students will be responsible to keep up with all assignments, due dates, and materials. Due dates for all assignments can be found in Google Classroom.

3. All quizzes and tests will be scheduled and reminders posted in Google Classroom at least a week in advance.

4. Classwork/Homework will be posted on our school website by 4:30 pm each Monday.

Grading Policy:
Tests/Quiz/Projects: 40%
Classwork/Homework: 30%
Bellringer/Critical Thinking Questions:15%
Participation: 15%