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Textbook Online Access:

1)  Go to the link below (Escambia County School District Website).
2) Click on "Student" Link
3) Click on the "Core LMS" Box
4) It will ask for your User Name and Password - Log In
5) Find the "HMH Collections" App

6) Click the Link to be Directed to Your Online Textbook :)


Ashley Long

Contact Info:



Planning:  6th Period 1:59-2:49


EWMS Phone Number:  850-761-6301

Late Policy:

I accept late work 24 hours (1 day) after the due date for up to 50% credit.  The late assignment must be 100% complete, or it will not be accepted and graded.  

Google Classroom Instructions / Codes:

Students: to add a class:  Login to Google Classroom ( and click the plus sign to the right.  A pop-up menu will open up for you to enter the code. 



1st Period - wnhexgp

2nd Period - xexqqh

3rd Period - uupvqri

4th Period - tlnsfvu

5th Period - qvupuae

7th Period - o5ivbrg


Tech Help Student Code:  4uunv7o


Dean Code: e336gva


Parents:  To join a class:  Send an email to if you would like to have parental access to your student's Google Classroom.  Please include the email address that you want me to send the invitation to. 




Google Classroom Codes

2nd - 3vzp89

3rd - 4tagaw

4th - hjbypfj

5th - 9p5fsh

6th - 4dsv5xe

7th - gcg5mr