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Lesson Plans

Textbook Online Access:

1)  Go to the link below (Escambia County School District Website).
2) Click on "Student" Link
3) Click on the "Core LMS" Box
4) IT will ask for your User Name and Password - Log In
5) Find the "HMH Collections" App

6) Click the Link to be Directed to Your Online Textbook :)

Google Classroom Instructions / Codes:

To add a class:  Login to Google Classroom ( and click the plus sign to the right.  A pop-up menu will open up for you to enter the code. 



1st Period - f8wd6s

3rd Period - js1quu9

4th Period - 6a92tf

5th Period - wptqxk

6th Period - 7yzfx9z

7th Period - ftai6h


Tech Help Student Code:



Dean Code:



Ernest Ward News:


Ashley Long

Parents and Students:

Please remember that it would be impossible for this website to include everything in which students are responsible for in my class.  Things come up which cause deviations in the best laid plans.  Please remember that it is ultimately the students responsibility to pay attention in class each and every day for additions or deletions to the content on this website.

No Red Ink

Students will be assigned 3 lessons and 3 quizzes in each 9 weeks.  The 3 lessons will count towards a homework/classwork grade based on completion percentage.  The 3 quiz grades will each count towards a quiz grade.  This site allows students to review lower-level, as well as grade-level, skills that will assist them in all aspects of Language Arts.  Students will have time at the beginning of class as well as time if they complete an assignment early to work on these lessons.  Students also need to work on and review these skills at home as needed.  This is a self-paced program, and all assignments will be due at the end of the 9 weeks.   



Make-up Policy / Late Work:

Make up work and Absences:

In the event of an absent, any missed assignments that were due on the day of the absence (including tests) are due the day after the student returns to class.  Students will have the number of days absent to make up any missing work assigned on the day of the absence(s).   In the event of an extended excused absence, I will work with the student to make-up the missing assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher of all make-up tests/work requests immediately upon returning to school.  All assignments will receive a MISSING/ZERO until the make-up is requested and completed.  If test dates have been previously posted, students may be expected to take tests the day he or she returns to school. 

*** In order for test papers to be returned promptly, students who miss tests may be given tests in varied formats of the original version.


Late Work:

LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE FOR A MAXIMUM GRADE OF 50%.  Late work has to be completed, including full name.  If the work is incomplete or illegible it will not be accepted for credit.  If the assignment is completed on paper, the assignment must be completed in PENCIL.  Assignments not completed in PENCIL will not be accepted.  I will not accept late work after the one day grace period. 

Extra Credit

Students are given 2 opportunities for extra credit each 9 weeks.  They must check out a novel/book through me and complete a Google Classroom assignment using the book.  The first EC will replace their lowest test grade and the second EC will replace their lowest quiz grade.  Extra Credit is due a week before the end of the 9 weeks.  

Google Classroom Codes

2nd - 3vzp89

3rd - 4tagaw

4th - hjbypfj

5th - 9p5fsh

6th - 4dsv5xe

7th - gcg5mr