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1.) Escambia County School District website (

2.) "Students" - "18-19 Core App Dashboard"

3.) Students sign-in with Google log-in

3.) Find the "HMH Collections" App

4.) Click the Link to be Directed to Your Online Textbook ---- "Student ebook"



Google Class:

1st: oy80y21

2nd: sggiygq 

3rd: z7tcgx7

4th: 5m8efl4

5th: 76q1cv

6th: sqfemq

Technology (Chromebook issues): 2v8x4r

1st: violet taffy 24

2nd: poised coffee 92

3rd: sturdy wolf 74

4th: crowded zoo 46

5th: curved candle 82

6th: flashy boot

Sarah Craig Locker
8/17/18 3:13 PM
8/17/18 3:13 PM

Sarah Craig


STUDENTS: PLEASE keep all graded papers that I give back. I keep your grades in two places (on my own hand-written grades sheet and in FOCUS). I am human, I make mistakes. I may write your grade down and forget to put them into FOCUS. It will be your responsibility, if you think you turned something in and I graded it, to show me that I did, in fact, grade it and gave it back to you. This is why I ask you to have a class FOLDER... keep all graded papers in them, at least until the end of each quarter!


Please note that Lesson Plans posted weekly is simply a layout of what is planned for that week. They are subject to change daily to meet the needs of each class. 

Supplies Expected DAILY



* cap erasers

* 2 subj. notebook (only for this class)

* folder with pockets (only for this class)

* Chromebook (once provided student IS responsible)



* Respect ALL adults and peers

* Be IN your seat with ALL required materials when bell rings

* Cell phones OFF and kept in cubbies ALWAYS

* Book bags are to stay in cubbies

* Cheating or plagiarism will result in an automatic ZERO

* FULLY CHARGED Chromebooks are required DAILY!



*Verbal warning

*Seat change

*Contact home via email, phone, or behavior form (Behavior forms are expected to be signed by guardian and returned the following day)

* RTiB referral (see Dean for further actions)



Written homework will only be given when an assignment is not completed in class, or with the expectation to study/review skills nightly.


Zero's in Focus may be a reflection of NOT turning in assignments.  If a student is absent and a grade is given that day, the gradebook will contain an "M" for that grade (averaging in a zero) UNTIL that grade is made up. Because of this, grades may dramatically change when a grade is completed upon returning from an absence. 


We use the Collections textbook. It can ALWAYS be accessed at home through the district website. Your child must log into their Core Apps and click "HMH Collections." They have been trained to use this.  


All codes your child will need to access NoRedInk and Google Class is available on their Google Classroom or my Homework Website. They are expected to use these sources to complete classwork throughout the year. 

Sarah Craig Locker
8/17/18 3:13 PM
8/17/18 3:13 PM