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Lesson Plans

Class Codes

5th Period: ncgsga

6th Period: e9e58r

7th Period: tryxq8

Remind Codes

5th Period: EWMS05

6th Period: EW06

7th Period: EW07

Holly McMorris

Cell Phone Policy

While in my classroom, all cell phones must be turned off or put in silent mode. Cell phones must be placed inside a bag or binder and placed in a shelf. At no time during class should a student use their cell phone. If a student fails to follow these direct instructions, a parent/guardian will be contacted.

Late Work Policy

Late work is not accepted under any circumstances. If a student is in class, then all work must be turned in by the date specified in order to receive credit.

Make Up Work Policy

In the event of an absent, any missed assignments that were due on the day of the absence (including tests) are due the day after the student returns to class.  Students will have the number of days absent to make up any missing work assigned on the day of the absence(s). In the event of an extended excused absence, I will work with the student to make-up the missing assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher of all make-up tests/work requests immediately upon returning to school.  All assignments will receive a MISSING/ZERO until the make-up is requested and completed. 

Remind Codes

Classroom Codes