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GoMath--on line textbook


6th Mathematics Longoria

Weekly Remediation Skill Practice

This will be the pattern EVERY Week
Manic MONDAY Puzzles or Mosaics 5-7 minutes of multiplication
Torture TUESDAY PAIR WORK/GROUP WORK 3-5 minutes of working in pairs on real world application of math
 Wacky WEDNESDAY GROUP WORK/INDIVIDUAL 7-10 minutes of medium to high skill work
Test Thrive THURSDAY Timed Computation Challenges (10pts) 10 minutes NUMBER SENSE / ALGEBRAIC THINKING
Fast Fact FRIDAY Speed Drill 1 MINUTE 5-7 minutes BASIC practice FUN FUN FUN PRIZES FOR THE FASTEST 


REMINDER TO PARENTS and STUDENTS: Remember I take things late with no points deducted. You have an opportunity to gain points back by completing mirrors for weekly quizzes. All other work will be re-graded every time it is turned in with corrections made on it.(Please write "fixed" or "corrected" at the top of the page. Please, if you want a GoMath reset email me at

General Concerns about Computerized Assignments

Google Classroom-

These assignments are word problems. This increases the students' ability to access real-world problems and lessen word problem apprehension. Students have two weeks to complete 5-7 questions.



Each lesson in the workbook comes with an online homework assignment. This is used to assess the students ability to transform the skill into standards based format of testing the standard. These can be re-set multiple times and often two weeks availability. However, these may be supplemented with the "independent practice" pages for the associated lesson in the workbook. Students tear out of the workbook the pages/lessons we are currently working on. They are stored in the prongs of the folder. 

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