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Seth Levins

Make-Up Policy and Late Work

When you are absent you are still required to complete missed work. It is YOUR responsibility to find out what was missed. Any missed assignments are due 2 days after you return to class. If an assignment is submitted late you will only receive half credit. If you are absent for a test you are responsible for contacting me to discuss your make-up. Until you make up the work you will receive a “missing” in the gradebook. Make-up work can be found on my website or Focus.

Textbook Instructions


Access the CORE APP (17-18)

Select Math 6-8 Pearson (pi symbol)

Select Florida Algebra 1 or Pearson Realize 


7th/8th Grade

Access the CORE APP (17-18)

Select Math 6-8 Go Math

Drop down menu select math book. (Middle right of page).

Google Classroom Instructions/Codes

All Class notes are uploaded into the classroom


1st: allz5oa

2nd: fez11k

3rd: 54no9n4

4th: f3cmq37

5th: y0m6lne

6th: sl5n9t


**Parents if you would like Google Classroom updates, please email me. **