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6th Mathematics Longoria

Weekly Remediation Skill Practice

This will be the pattern EVERY Week
Manic MONDAY Puzzles or Mosaics 5-7 minutes of multiplication GRADED BI-WEEKLY
Torture TUESDAY PAIR WORK 3-5 minutes of working in pairs on real world application of math
 Wacky WEDNESDAY GROUP WORK 7-10 minutes of medium to high skill work (At my discretion to grade)
Test Thrive THURSDAY Timed Computation Challenges 10 minutes NUMBER SENSE ALGEBRAIC THINKING GRADED
Fast Fact FRIDAY Speed Drill 1 MINUTE 5-7 minutes BASIC practice FUN FUN FUN PRIZES FOR THE FASTEST 


REMINDER TO PARENTS and STUDENTS: Remember I take things late, you have an opportunity to gain points back by completing or correcting graded items. Please if you want a GoMath reset email me at

Karen Longoria Locker