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I'm Tiffini Butler, your sixth grade science and journalism teacher. I graduated from Mississippi State with a B.S. in Biology. I like traveling, music, reading, movies, and my puppy.  If you need to get in contact with me don't be afraid to email or to text me at 850-637-2843

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Classroom notes, videos, and assignments will be posted here and hopefully make students more accountable. Thank you for your constant support.

Current Assignments
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Tiffini Butler


Homework/Grading/Late-Work Policy

Grades will be inputted weekly. Please check grades regularly and feel free to ask me any questions that you might have about a particular grade. If in the grade book, you see a “M”, this stands for missing and means I have not received this assignment. A “0” represents the grade: whether it was incomplete, plagiarized, etc.


If you are absent, you are responsible for completing your make-up work (one day for make-up for each day absent).


If you are absent for a test, quiz, or lab this grade will be made up on the following DISTRICT NINE WEEKS’ EXAM. The grade you receive on this will replace the grade missing because of an absence.


If you know you are going to be absent beforehand, you should ask me for your make-up work before the absence.


This can be done before or after school or via e-mail.


Papers will no name on them will lose 10 points when finally claimed


Late work will lose half credit if turned in after the original due date. 


During the first week of school, each class period will choose a team name. These names will be displayed on the whiteboard. Each class will start out with 5 points, and each day they will be able to earn and lose points. They can earn up to 5 more a day. Scores will be recorded and students can watch the progress on the leader board. Winning team will be reward every three weeks. All points are up to teacher’s discretion.

How to earn points:

•When the whole class makes an “A” on a test or quiz

•All students in their seats when the bell rings

•Cleaning up the classroom/lab

•Working diligently

•All belongings in cubbies

•Not talking while Ms. B is talking

•All Chromebooks charged

•Whole class turns in homework assignments

How to lose points:

•Talking while Ms. B or a classmate is speaking

•Belongings outside cubbies

•Phones out without permission

•Horseplay during labs

•Volume too loud during class or labs

•Acting out during drills or assemblies

•More than 50% of the class missing an assignment

•Not working on Focus Lesson before Ms. B finishes attendance


Chromebooks are to be charged every night. They should be use appropriately and respectfully. Students should use Chromebooks for class assignments ONLY, except for during their lunch periods

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices should be kept in student’s backpacks. Devices should not be out during class, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher or with permission.


First offense: Warning

Second offense: Call Home/RTiB.

Third offense: Referral to dean