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Katie Roley

Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!     

Special Notes:

 For the last days of school, we are reading from the novel "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief." Students will need to do some reading each night for homework. The entire novel (pdf file) is on our google classroom. Students can also listen to their chapter readings online. The link is also available on our google classroom. We will have a test at the end of the novel (right now, it is planned for Monday, 21st.)


** Handouts and other class materials are available in the locker (on the left bar).

Note:  Please remember that activities and assignments are subject to change depending on the needs of the class.



Essential Question

1. Can students determine the meaning of figurative language in a poem or story?

2.  Can students analyze the effect of using figurative language in a text?

Florida Standards

LAFS.6.RL2.4- Determine the meaning of figurative words and phrases as they are used in a text. Analyze the impact of a specific word or phrase on the meaning and tone of the text.

LAFS.6.L.1.1-1.2- Demonstrate command of the pronoun usage.

 5/14/2018   5/15/2018  5/16/2018  5/17/2018   5/18/2018
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Focus Lesson Focus Lesson Focus Lesson Focus Lesson Focus Lesson
None None None



Mini-lesson/Direct Instruction:


Mini-lesson: Mini-lesson: Work Period:
Discuss chapters 7-8.

Discuss chapters 10-12.

Discuss chapter 14 & 15 Discuss chapter 18 Read chapter 21 & 22
Work Period: Work Period: Work Period: Work Period: Mini-lesson/Direct Instruction
Read chapter 9 in class.

Read chapter 13

Read chapter 16

Read chapter 19  
H.W. H.W. H.W. H.W. H.W.
Read chapter 10 for homework.

Read chapter 14 & 15

Read chapter 18 Read chapter 20 Test on the novel on Monday.