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Katie Roley

Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!     

Special Notes:

 We are now focusing on FSA Reading Skills! This week we are focusing on figurative language, what types they are, and how to determine their meaning in context of a text.  All that we are working on is on Google Classroom. We will be taking a test on the figurative language terms in about a week.


** Handouts and other class materials are available in the locker (on the left bar).

Note:  Please remember that activities and assignments are subject to change depending on the needs of the class.



Essential Question

1. Can students determine the meaning of figurative language in a poem or story?

2.  Can students analyze the effect of using figurative languae in a text?

Florida Standards

LAFS.6.RL2.4- Determine the meaning of figurative words and phrases as they are used in a text. Analyze the impact of a specific word or phrase on the meaning and tone of the text.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Focus Lesson Focus Lesson Focus Lesson Focus Lesson Focus Lesson
None- Reading Workshop: Students will be focused on reading a text and then comparing it to another format. None- Reading Workshop

None- Reading Workshop


None- Reading Workshop

None -Reading Workshop

Mini-lesson/Direct Instruction:

Work Period:

Mini-lesson: Work Period: Work Period:
Figurative Language Notes Powerpoint- Focus on Imagery, Simile, Metaphor

Figurative Language Notes- Focus on Personification, Hyperbole, Idioms and Parts of a poem

FSA style test on Cluster 3 (from last week's lesson) Analyze a poem from our text book using their knowledge of figurative language types. Students will be given another poem in which to answer FSA style questions about figurative language.
Work Period: Mini-lesson / Direct Instruction  Work Period: Mini-lesson/Direct Instruction Mini-lesson/Direct Instruction
Students will identify and analyze two poems containing metaphors.

Students will identify and analyze personification in a poem.


Practice with figurative language examples. Showing students how to use context clues to determine the meaning of figurative language.
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